Friday, November 29, 2013

Complete NFL wallpaper collection for iPhone

In the States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. Most certainly, there will be people sitting down to a family meal with all of the turkey and trimmings. Personally, I am ready for some mashed potatoes and gravy. Finally, the pumpkin pie will complete the experience.
However, Thanksgiving is not all about turkey and good food. Another American Thanksgiving tradition is football. No, not soccer, American football. On Thanksgiving Thursday, there are three main games, the highlight match up is at 8:30PM EST, with the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Baltimore Ravens.
Celebrating all that is American football, we have wallpapers for that key matchup. To make everyone happy, inside readers will find wallpapers for every NFL team


Andrew Roth has spent a long time putting together this NFL pack for the iDB community. When he first approached me with the idea, only a few of the teams were represented. After investing the time and diligence, a complete NFL package is listed below. To keep up with Andrew, catch up with him on Twitter @Andrew727YouTube, or his personal blog. Make sure to give him a shout in the comments below!
 NFL Teams Thumbnails
All of the wallpapers are similar to the splash image above. The team logos are utilized in the center of the wallpaper and color coordinated pinstripes finish the wallpaper background. To download the team image, tap the corresponding team name below. The full resolution image will load, tap hold, then save to Camera Roll.

American Football Conference (full pack ZIP)

Chargers: dark bluelight blue
Jaguars: logoJAGS shield

National Football Conference (full pack ZIP)

Who is ready for some football and turkey?

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