Monday, October 7, 2013

Classic Amiga games officially headed to iOS 7 with full controller support

This is the announcement I’ve been waiting like forever, or at least ever since the original iPhone came out more than six years ago. See, Commodore’s Amiga with its then amazing graphics has brought home computing to the masses. The golden age of video games, which pretty much predates digital interactive entertainment we take for granted nowadays, goes way back thirty years to the mid-1980s.
Me and my friends were kids when that revolutionary started to unfold itself before our very eyes so you could easily imagine us spending countless hours playing “console-grade” Amiga games distributed on 3.5-inch floppy disks.
The App Store has certainly seen a few re-releases of classic Amiga games such asAnother World and Worms. Today, Writers’ Group Film Corp. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Amiga Games announced that classic Amiga titles will be hitting the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices soon, with full iOS 7 physical controller support…

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